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Welcome to Samsung Galaxy CPR – Trusted Repair Shop in Las Vegas!

Our goal is to achieve CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

To keep our clients happy Galaxy CPR provides: peaceful environment, professional technicians, friendly staff, high quality parts, waiting room with Netflix movies on the TV and water, affordable prices, FREE WiFi, FREE diagnostics, FREE in store or over the phone quote.

YOU CAN TRUST SAMSUNG GALAXY CPR! Our representative will provide detailed information about the issue with your device. We will never replace any additional parts without your permission.

Samsung Galaxy CPR will install quality OEM part on your gadget with 30 day warranty. Every customer will be contacted individually for repair pick up. Guess what? If you are unable to come over, we deliver! Our mobile services – repair pick up and delivery for extra charge.

Samsung Galaxy CPR is community friendly repair shop. Ask for senior, student, disable, and military discounts. We accept cash as well as all major credit cards: visa, master card, american express, discover.

Cell Phone Repair

It is frustrating when you come for vacation and all of a sudden your cell phone screen cracks, smartphone stops charging, or falls into a liquid substance. Right?

We need our phones for many uses throughout the day. Especially when you are far from your home town. So if the cell phone’s screen is black, bring it in.

Home button stopped working? We will replace it.

There is no sound or no one can hear when you speak? Galaxy CPR will fix it.

Call us for FREE estimates! Or drive by and we will get the job done for you.

Another popular issue with cell phones nowadays is attachment to a specific carrier. At Samsung Galaxy CPR this problem is solved the same day.

Whether it’s t-mobile, Verizon, ATNT, Sprint, Cricket, Metro PCS – we will unlock it for you!

We offer multiple Cell Phone services including but not limited to:

  • Cell Phone Screen repair
  • Cell Phone glass repair
  • Cell Phone water/liquid damaged motherboard cleaning
  • Cell Phone charging port replacement
  • Cell Phone unlock
  • New Cell Phone LCD assembly with digitizer
  • Cell Phone jailbreak
  • Cell Phone buttons replacement: home, power, volume, mute
  • Cell Phone Wi-Fi antenna replacement
  • Replace Cell Phone back housing
  • New Cell Phone microphone, earpiece, vibrator, speaker

Popular cell phone brands like Apple iPhones and Samsung cell phones are repaired at our repair shop.

Phone Screen Repair

Most of the customers looking for help with cell phone screen repair.

Large displays are popular in modern smartphones. You are lucky if the phone falls down and nothing happens to it. But most likely there will be a crack on the glass since the screen is so large.

Call Galaxy CPR right away, if you discovered even a scratch on the glass. To replace glass is cheap! Bring it in for professional and honest repair to Galaxy CPR!

We welcome our customers with a smile, professional job, affordable prices, and comfortable  waiting room with movies.

Repairing iPhone cracked glass, black or unresponsive touch screen, charging port, replacing buttons, microphone, wi-fi antenna, or speaker – is a piece of cake for our highly trained techs. Your iPhone will be back in your pocket active and working as before in no time!

That’s a guarantee from the professionals!

We repair all phones from iPhone 3 to iPhone X and everything in between! We guarantee high quality phone repair for all phone models not limited to iPhones!

We offer multiple iPhone services including but not limited to:

  • iPhone Screen repair
  • iPhone glass repair
  • iPhone water/liquid damaged motherboard cleaning
  • iPhone charging port replacement
  • iPhone unlock
  • New iPhone LCD assembly with digitizer
  • iPhone jailbreak
  • iPhone buttons replacement: home, power, volume, mute
  • iPhone Wi-Fi antenna replacement
  • Replace iPhone back housing
  • New iPhone microphone, earpiece, vibrator, speaker

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Every day Galaxy CPR works hard to repair water damaged Samsung Galaxy cell phones for Las Vegas residents.

Life is not without accidents. Our beloved gadgets swim with us in a pool, fall into a restroom, take shower with us, and even try to drink from the same cup.

So when it happens don’t wait, cause time might severe damage Samsung Galaxy phone and it won’t be repairable or will cost more. Act fast – call Galaxy CPR!

Our crew will be on its way in no time to save your Samsung Galaxy cell phone! But in some cases you will find your precious galaxy phone laying down in a pool after couple days. Even then don’t lose hope.

There is still a chance to get your data from the motherboard or restore it completely.

Smartphone Repair

Galaxy CPR – best cell phone repair shop in Las Vegas!

We have years of experience in repairing cracked screens, phone glass, LCD, black screen, home button, mute button, vibrator, sound, unlock, jailbreak, charging port, and water damaged devices.

Galaxy CPR will provide quick and quality service for all your smartphone needs. All you need to do is give us a call! Weather you have broken Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3 E7, Galaxy Note, iPhone, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, Toshiba Smartphone, Dell Phone, ZTE, or Acer Phone – we have the solution for it.

Our everyday job is to bring smartphones back to live. Galaxy CPR – great smartphone repair experience in no time!

Tablet Repair

Galaxy CPR – guaranteed affordable and quality tablet repair!

There are many repair shops around Las Vegas area. But not all of them you can trust. At our repair shop we will use high quality parts to fix your touch device. It won’t give you hard time after leaving the store. Weather you have Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note Tablet, Google Nexus, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet – we will repair your gadget with caution.

Our high trained technicians will carefully replace the damaged part without destroying anything else in the tablet. Everyday we save large and small media tablets from further damages. Galaxy CPR provides quality service Samsung Galaxy CPR representative contacts each customer individually when the item is ready for pick up.

Even if you are unable to come over, we will come to you!

iPad Repair

Samsung Galaxy CPR knows that damage can happen when you use iPad each and every day. iPad owners can be stuck dealing with a lot of issues, one of them being LCD problems.

This is something that we deal with on a regular basis for various models. We are easy to find, if you are looking for iPad repair Las Vegas.

FREE Diagnostics!
FREE Estimates!
FREE Movies!
FREE Parking!
FREE Snacks!

Come visit Galaxy CPR today!

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