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Cell Phone Repair

Congratulations! You found the best shop 4 cell phone repair Las Vegas! Galaxy CPR is proud to announce our 1st place in achieving customers’ satisfaction in smartphones repair. Galaxy CPR offers professional cell phone repairs for locals and tourists. Our honest technicians will help you to solve any problem for your smartphone needs.

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It is frustrating when you come for vacation and all of a sudden your cell phone screen cracks, smartphone stops charging, or falls into a liquid substance. We need our phones for many uses throughout the day. Especially when you are far from your home town. So if the cell phone’s screen is black, bring it in. Home button stopped working, we will replace it. There is no sound or no one can hear when you speak, Galaxy CPR will fix it. Call us for FREE estimates! Or drive by and we will get the job done for you.

Most of the customers looking for help with cell phone screen repair. Large displays are popular in modern smartphones. iPhone 5 has long and narrow screen. Then goes Samsung Galaxy s4, s5, and s6 with wide and long screen. Similar screen has HTC One. There are also gigantic screens like Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, HTC One Max, Galaxy Mega, LG Gflex, ZTE Zmax, ZTE Grand X Max, Blue Smartphone. You are lucky if the phone falls down and nothing happens to it. But most likely there will be a crack on the glass since the screen is so large. Call Galaxy CPR ride the way, if you discovered even a scratch on the glass. To replace glass is cheaper than an LCD. If the crack isn’t fixed momentarily, it will damage the LCD with the second drop. To replace the whole LCD assembly costs more, because it is one of the main parts in the smartphone. LCD assembly includes: glass, touch digitizer, and LCD. Without the LCD the screen will be black, the touch won’t be working, phone won’t turn on. So there is no use for smartphone with large screen with broken LCD. Bring it in for professional and honest repair to Galaxy CPR!

Another popular issue with cell phones nowadays is attachment to a specific carrier. At Samsung Galaxy CPR this problem is solved the same day. Weather it’s t-mobile, verizon, att, sprint, cricket, metro pcs – we will unlock it for you!

The easiest way to protect smartphone from damages is to cover it with a protective case. Samsung Galaxy CPR offer verity of stylish cell phone cases. Choose from our inventory: glitter, rhinestone, hybrid, leather wallet, credit card holder, purse style, animal pattern, belt clip on. All cases are affordable and nice.

We offer multiple Cell Phone services including but not limited: Cell Phone Screen repair. Cell Phone glass repair. Cell Phone water/liquid damaged motherboard cleaning. Cell Phone charging port replacement. Cell Phone unlock.

Cell Phone Repair Las Vegas