Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Las Vegas

Samsung Galaxy s4 Repair
Samsung Galaxy s4 Repair

Galaxy CPR – First Samsung Galaxy s4 Repair Shop in Las Vegas!

We welcome our customers with a smile, professional job, affordable prices, and comfortable  waiting room with movies. Repairing s4 cracked glass, black or unresponsive touch screen, charging port, replacing buttons, microphone, wi-fi antenna, or speaker – is a piece of cake for our highly trained techs. Your galaxy s4 will be back in your pocket active and working as before in no time! That’s a guarantee from the professionals! Galaxy CPR – Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Shop.

FREE Diagnostics! FREE Estimates! FREE Wi-Fi! FREE Movies! FREE Parking! FREE Snacks!

Galaxy CPR does the job so fast that many of our customers prefer to wait watching an ongoing movie in the store or use Wi-Fi on another device while the smartphone is being fixed. Galaxy CPR – Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Shop.

It is a daily thing for us to repair water damaged Samsung Galaxy s4. Life is not without accidents. Our beloved gadgets swim with us in a pool, fall into a restroom, take shower with us, and even try to drink from the same cup. So when it happens don’t wait, cause time might damage the device even more and it won’t be repairable or will cost more. Act fast – call Galaxy CPR! Our crew will be on its way in no time to save your Galaxy s4! But in some cases you will find your precious phone laying down in a pool after couple days. Even then don’t loose hope. There is still a chance to get your data from the motherboard or restore it completely. Galaxy CPR – Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Shop.

Galaxy s4 as any other smartphone needs to be charged. Most of the time we charge it daily. Here is a little tip – do not overcharge your s4. As soon as the battery life indicator shows 100% disconnect it from a power source. Otherwise, your cell phone battery will get weaker every day and will stop keeping charge at all. You will need constantly charge your Galaxy s4 throughout the day. Sometimes it will die in the middle of conversation or while you are texting. If any of this happening to your smartphone now, it means s4 needs a battery replacement. Bring it over to Galaxy CPR for a quick fix. Another common problem is the charging port. If you tried to use several chargers but the Galaxy does not get charged, most likely the charging port needs to be replaced. In case if the s4 phone died before you tried to charge it, the screen will be black and unresponsive. No need to panic. Bring it in to Samsung Galaxy CPR! It will be back in your hands on and working in couple minutes! Galaxy CPR – Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Shop.

We offer multiple Galaxy s4 services. Screen repair. Glass repair. Water/liquid damaged motherboard clean. Charging port replacement. Unlock. LCD assembly with digitizer. Jailbreak. Buttons replacement: home, power, volume, mute. Wi-Fi antenna. Back housing replacement. New microphone, earpiece, vibrator, speaker.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair

Samsung Galaxy s4 Repair
Samsung Galaxy s4 Repair

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